Txapella on Passaig de Gracia

Txapella is a tapas place. And it's not randomly selected on some lazy Monday afternoon, tired of strolling under the sun on Passaig de Gracia. I basically arrived at Barcelona with Txapella's menu in my backpack!

We managed to pay our long-awaited visit on our way from Park Güell. Which was actually preceeded by another walk all the way from Sagrada Familia to the end of Passaig de Gracia; namely totaling to 4-5 hours. I was afraid we were gonna drink up the entire stock of sangria the place held (till then we hadn't tried any), but sangria wound up tasting way below our expectations. So we decided just to indulge in the wide range of tapas in stead... Here's a tip: If you don't know Spanish, don't bother to decipher. Just pick by intuition. Make sure you don' miss out the following though: patatas bravas, fried little green pepers and the one with the fried shrimp. And get a hold of one clean menu before you leave. It comes in handy; passing from one generation of Barcelona visitors to the next :)

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