Font Màgica @ Plaça d'Espanya

Font Màgica, in front of Plaça d'Espanya on a Saturday night, is like no other fountain you might have seen before.

Mam i Teca @ El Raval

Mam i Teca is a little Spanish bar in the district of El Raval, with three or four tables and capacity to host no more than 10 guests at a time. And unless you consult a city guide for some urban inspiration, you are not likely to bump into it as you cross the street.

A nice place to savour in some spanish classics, even if you probably did already. I strongly recommend the Catalan sausage with bean mash.

Santa Maria Del Mar

One of Barcelona's most magnificent churches - maybe the top one. Need details?

Be careful what you wish for. Seems like all that candle and devotion is bound to make it right!

Camp Nou

Camp Nou is a bit more than a football club stadium. Don't you think so?

Ok. This was an extra. They were setting this up for the U2 360 Concert.   

Dream team! 

Saint John's Day - June, 23

It's not necessarily awesome to be in a city during a traditional holiday. But if it's the traditional midsummer party where people sing, play, drink and celebrate like mad with big bonfires, firecrackers and fireworks on streets, squares, and even the beach - that's cool.

June 23th is the night to be in Barcelona and join the crowds celebrate in the honor of St. John the Baptist.

No pics from the parties unfortunately -were to wasted to shoot any, but these I presume were taking place for the same reason.


Imagine a beach that's practically in the city, and you can reach it by half an hour walk from some  museum visit. That would be Barceloneta.


Park de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella  is located in the southeast part of the city, on the left from Barcelonata subway station. According to wiki, it's supposed to be the second largest park in Barcelona. It is actually situated in the place of the old military citadel which houses the Parliament building, a lake, a waterfall, several museums and a zoo (which we passed).
In the middle of the day we were already too tired for futher walking of any kind, so we decided to take a break in stead.

Not in half an hour though, we were doing this:

Ducks swim along with you!

Port Vell, Maremàgnum, L'àquarium

Port Vell is a major touristic attraction in Barcelona, housing Maremàgnum (an otherwise standard shopping mall that stands out with the most terrific sea view a mall can have), the IMAX Port Vell as well as Europe's largest aquarium L'àquarium.

From the south end of La Rambla, walk the connecting Rambla del Mar to reach Port Vell.

IMAX at the back and Maremagnum in some distance.
This is the view from this mall's bathroom! 
And the mall!

In the aquarium. 
Nero was here! 

So was world's probably most hideous fish.

And penguins!

Carrer de Ferran

I had hard time finding the name of this street, probably because it has little touristic appeal compared to many others.

It turned out to be Carrer de Ferran. There are stops worth checking out.

Such as a Guiness Bar!

A strange shop with all sorts of weaponry!

A sweet little bookshop.

And this midi-market where you find tons of local food stuff at pretty low prices.