Park Güell

Have you not had enough Gaudi just yet? Save what place is left in your stomach for Park Güell. No, this one is not just another of his hallucinatory house-of-a-beast, it's his entire private playground! And if you are fed up with this guy already, keep in mind that this park is probably the best place to refresh yourself up on a 40 degree C  June afternoon when rest of the city's practically on fire. Don't let the hordes of tourists discourage your expedition; apparently they'll never cease to be there.

I'll let pics speak for themselves now, I am so over words on the subject of Gaudi inspired city planning!

Some weird instrument at the park's gate.

It's so up that you have the entire city view, inluding La Sagrada Familia.
The real Hansel & Gretel must have lived here.

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